• This trial pack is good for babies who have yet to arrive. These nappies are designed to fit at birth, or shortly thereafter. See sizing info below.

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  • The Bamboozle Stretch by Tots Bots is the ultimate in comfort and fit for your baby. The supersoft bamboozle is made from gorgeous s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y bamboo and because there is only natural fabric next to baby's bottom this nappy is ideal for babies with sensitive skin.

    £ 11.99
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  • Kanga Care brand cloth nappies are the ORIGINAL cloth nappies uniquely designed with the patented leak protection technology of dual inner gussets. The inside of each nappy is designed with 2 gentle inner gussets, a double barrier, that channels each leg. There is no chance of escape for even the messiest of messes! Keep that cute outfit clean, and...

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  • To suit buckets up to about 16L, this mesh is approximately 90cm around the top (45cm each side when flat) x 50cm depth when laid flat, but will stretch a bit to fit.

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  • These FANTASTIC Wet Bags from Rumparooz are a similar size to other bags, but due to their unique 'half moon' shape, they are much more roomy.

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  • Nature Babies Washable Breast pads are lined with super soft bamboo for a silky natural lining against sore or irritated nipples. They have an inner absorbent layer of terry cotton and are backed with antibacterial and breathable PUL fabric to avoid any embarrassing leaks, (you know how it is!!) Say goodbye to scratchy pads, these breast pads will soon...

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  • Made, by Nature Babies, in part using their waste fabric, these fantastic little pads are supersoft next to the skin, thanks to the Bamboo lining. They have a concealed PUL inner layer to avoid leaks completely and have a pretty outer layer on the outside just to look nice.

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  • This pack will suit bigger babies, up to toddlers. If you've wanted to try washable nappies but, have been using disposables for the first few months, or you've just found out about washables, this could be the trial pack for you!

    £ 92.00
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